What if a guest damages your space?

Guests are responsible for leaving the space in the condition they found it in. By booking through thisopenspace, guests agree to cover in full any damages that they or their invitees cause during the booking. This includes the failure to adhere to Space Rules laid out by the host. thisopenspace can help you retain the security deposit (or portion thereof) that the guest pays before the booking if there are any damages during the booking.

NOTE: You are responsible for adding a custom security deposit amount to each booking. See here for steps on making sure this is properly set up.

A claim to the deposit needs to be made within 48 hours of the booking ending. If damages have occurred to your property, thisopenspace is available to assist you in the resolution process, but require key documentation to properly assist. Submit a claim here »

Useful documentation and information that will help process your payment request as quickly as possible include:

  • photographs of the damage being claimed
  • receipts, invoices or some alternative evidence of the accurate fair market value or report cost
  • proof of ownership for items damaged
  • a police report (if damages are excessive)
  • any other documentation that you feel will be helpful to processing your request


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