How do I send a guest an offer?

If a guest reaches out through sending an initial message, versus requesting to book your space, you can send them an offer (a type of invoice). How do you know the difference? The status will show as 'Request' in your thisopenspace inbox if it's a general message, but it will show as 'Ready to book' if the guest is ready to pay and requesting to book.
The offer you send a guest is always pre-populated with the pricing information you selected for your listing page. If you need to, you can edit your booking fee, cleaning fee, and security deposit and then send your offer. Once the guest accepts the offer and completes payment, the booking is confirmed! Woohoo!
​We've designed our invoicing system for users to send and accept offers seamlessly. When a guest pays through thisopenspace, payments go through our secure platform and bookings are automatically insured with 2 million dollars in liability. Never accept payments outside of thisopenspace to protect yourself against possible claims or issues with the booking.
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