How do I contact a Host?

Each space you see on the site is independently hosted by someone in our community! You can contact a host of space by either clicking on 'Ask a Question' or Request to Book' on their page. You'll find both buttons on the right hand side of the page (with their name and photo below!)


Not sure which button to click? Well, if you love the space and are ready to book, click on 'Request to Book' (your card won't be charged unless the host accepts the booking). Or, if you only have a few initial questions about the space (ie. clarifications about certain amenities, or wondering if the size of your booking is appropriate for the space), click on 'Ask a Question' to get the ball rolling. After you're ready to go ahead with the booking, it's easy for the host to send you a payable offer for you to confirm (no need to make a new request!)

Remember: When messaging the host, no matter a booking request or a simple question, make sure to provide as many details about why you want to book the space. The host needs to make sure your request is suitable for their space.


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