Listing photos: How to make your space look it's best

thisopenspace offers complimentary photography services in select cities. Sign-up here! 

If you’re taking your own photos, we've put together our Top 5 Interior Photography Tips on our blog.
Here are a few other tips:
  • Organize and put away objects that clutter your space
  • Open any window coverings to allow natural light
  • Clean all windows, mirrors, tables, countertops, and floors 
  • Highlight amenities that your guests will enjoy
  • Remove any items which are not included with the space
To keep the photos focused on the space, we ask that there are:
  1. No people in any of the shots
  2. No logos or branding
  3. A minimum of four photos per listing. There is no maximum to the number of photos you can upload, the more the merrier!
We recommended 1024 x 683px (3:2) and higher resolution photos are encouraged. Keep the file size between 500KB and 2.5MB for an optimal upload.
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