How much should I charge for my space?

You are fully in control of setting the booking rates for your space. If you're unsure of what price to list your space, start by searching for comparable listings in your city, and see what rates you might be comfortable listing your space. Some key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Service fees: Whatever price you set, whether hourly, daily or weekly, there is a 10-15% service fee taken from each booking. So, if you list your space for $100/hour, expect to be paid $85-90/hour.
  2. Taxes: We don't charge guest separately for taxes, so if you'll need to factor in appropriate rates depending on your province or state. 
  3. Price Variability: Guests expect to pay the price that is advertised on your listing. There can be some variability in your rates (ie. weekend versus weekday pricing), but try and keep your rates as simple as possible. You might also consider making multiple listings if your pricing varies quite a bit.

Extra tip: When you first create your listing, you may want to consider listing your space below market rate to get more bookings. As your space becomes popular, you can always adjust the price.​ 


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