Who can host on thisopenspace?

We welcome hosts from many different industries and backgrounds. As a host, you can list your space to be used for pop-up shops, off-site meetings, events and production. Regardless of the main purpose of your space, you can also list it for other creative and commercial uses. 
​        We accept: retail stores, galleries, cafés, warehouses, restaurants, studios, rooftops and more.
      ​  We don't accept: Individual desks in co-working spaces, accommodations*
Once you’ve created an account with thisopenspace, you can list your space from your profile. Questions about listing your space? Let us tell you a bit more about it.
Happy Hosting! 
*Your home is welcome to be listed for different purposes we mentioned above
​ Each space is subject to approval from thisopenspace before it can be activated. Once you submit a space, you will receive a notification email if it's been approved and activated. If it's not approved, you'll be given the reasons why.
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