How does the guest referral rewards work?

Once you refer a friend, they will instantly receive an email letting them know you've sent them a $25 credit off of their first booking of $180 or more on thisopenspace. Your friend will then be prompted to sign up and book their first space. Once your friend makes their first booking, we'll email you a $25 Amazon gift card.
Other common questions:
Where can I check my referral earnings balance?
You can email to find out your balance.

​​Is there a limit to how much I can make?
At this time, the sky's the limit to how much you can earn from guest referrals.

​​Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?
You can refer as many friends as you'd like. The more the merrier!

​​How and when will I receive my gift?
If you referred a friend, your Amazon gift card will be sent to you by email on the first Friday of each month, for your earnings from the previous month. Once your friend makes a booking, you will instantly receive an email letting you know.
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