What happens if my host makes a claim to withhold the security deposit?

If a host makes a claim to withhold the security deposit due to damage(s), overtime, or failure to adhere to Space Rules (unique to each space), we:
  1. Request details from the host regarding the damage(s), including photo/video and other evidence (invoices or receipts for repairs and estimates), overtime hour(s), and situations where you or members of your party fail to adhere to rules.
  2. Contact you directly to discuss the reported claim to withhold the security claim.
  3. Investigate and mediate any disputes.
  4. Decide if any or all of the security deposit is to be paid to the host to cover costs.
  5. Notify you and the host of the resolution*

​If there are costs associated with damages and/or overtime that exceed the security deposit amount, you are responsible to cover for these additional costs at your own expense. In every security deposit claim, we make sure you and your host are equally heard. We gather all details necessary to reach our resolution. 

*thisopenspace's resolution is final.
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