Booking a space: Going from 'Ask a Question' to 'Request to Book'

Sweet, you’ve found the perfect space and host! There are two ways to go about booking a space. Here, we’ll explain how to book a space if you chose to use the 'Ask a Question' button on a space's page. (If you haven't reached out yet, and are ready to book, have a look at How do I make a booking request?)
​Once you've reached out to a host and asked all the questions you have, the host should send you over a payable offer in that same message thread. If they haven't done that, give them a helpful push! Click on Ready to Book (**no need to send them another message, unless you'd like to). This will prompt them to send over an 'offer' (kind of like an invoice, payable immediately to confirm the booking).
Once they send you a payable offer:
  1. Review the offer; if everything looks good hit Accept & Pay
    • If you have questions, message the host back before clicking on Accept & Pay. You only should pay once you're ready to book.
  2. Enter your credit card info and hit Confirm and Pay
  3. You will receive an email confirmation of the booking which will include the address of the space, the booking details, and a link to message the host if you need to. If you’ve received the email confirmation, your credit card has been charged.
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