How do I make a new booking request?

Hooray! You’ve found a space you love and you’re ready to book. (If you need to contact the host to ask a few questions about the space before booking, see 'How do I contact a host?'Once you have found a space to book and you’re on the listing page:
  1. Select your preferred date(s) and hit 'Request to Book'
  2. Choose your desired check-in time, enter how many people will be in the space (approximately)
  3. Enter your phone number NOTE: Your phone number isn’t given to the host of the space, only to our thisopenspace team should we need to contact you.
  4. Tell the host how you’d like to use the space and hit 'Save and Continue'
  5. Enter your credit card info and your details and hit 'Submit booking request' NOTE: A temporary authorization will be placed on your card until your host accepts your booking, the host has 24 hours to approve your booking request.

After you send a request, you will receive either:

  • An email confirmation of the booking, at which point your credit card will be charged.
  • A message from the host with further booking details or questions about the booking.
  • An email that the request has expired (the host didn’t get back to you within 24 hours) and suggestions of similar places to book. If your request expires, the temporary authorization on your credit card is released immediately and you will not be charged.
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