What if I need to extend my booking period (before or after it's paid)?

What happens when you want to extend your event, have an extra day for meetings, or shoot some additional footage? Adjust your booking! It’s really easy:
  • I've paid: Additional time/dates cannot be added without the host's consent. Send a message over to the host of the space and ask if hours/days can be added to the booking and what the associated cost would be (if any). If the space is available for the additional dates or times requested, and your host agrees to the changes in writing over the messaging system, contact support@thisopenspace.com to have your booking date/time updated. 
  • ​I haven't paid: If you haven’t confirmed the booking yet, ask the host if the additional time is available (and if there’s a change in the price). If the space is available for the extra time, ask the host to update the offer and send it back to you to be paid.
Having a booking confirmed for the proper dates will ensure you and your host are protected by our insurance and cancellation policy.
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