What happens after I enter my credit card number?

There are two scenarios where you’ll enter your credit card/ Visa debit details:
1. ​I entered my credit card number after clicking 'Request to Book'
  1. The host has 24-hours to respond. If they approve your request, your credit card will be charged and your booking will be confirmed for those dates. If that doesn't happen:
    1. New Offer: If a host wants to edit the price of the booking based on variables in your request (ie. the space might have weekend rates, or group pricing), you will be notified of the new offer price and you will be prompted to confirm the booking for the new amount shown. You will never be charged an amount unless you first confirm it.
    2. Declined:If the host declines the request, your credit card will not be charged.
    3. Expiry:If the host doesn't respond within 24 hours, the offer will expire and close. If this happens, you can either contact the host again, or contact our Support Team at thisopenspace to follow up on your behalf! See here for details.
2. ​I entered my credit card number after receiving an offer in a message
If you've been sent a payable offer from the host themselves and entered your credit card number after hitting Accept & Pay, your card will be charged immediately for the booking and cleaning fees (if applicable). You'll receive an email confirmation with the charges too.
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