Should I have more than one listing?

A lot of hosts have more than one listing for the same space due to:

  • Pricing variances (ie. higher weekend costs, changes with alcohol or large groups in the space)
  • Multiple bookable rooms in one space (ie. whole venue vs. meeting room vs. private lounge)
  • Different uses of the space (ie. event vs. meeting space pricing and availability)

If you make more than one listing, don't worry, all listings are kept under one account and really manageable on your Dashboard! You can easily add another under your ‘Listings’.


Keep in mind, you might have to spend a bit more time making the second or third listing, but you'll save so much time in the long run when you start getting accurate booking requests. Guests will have appropriate pricing, availability and accurate photos up front which will greatly reduce the messages back and forth for extra details.

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