'Book on thisopenspace' button to: Squarespace

Ever wish you could redirect people to book your space from your website? Do you use Squarespace? We’ve got you covered! This handy little tutorial will teach you how to insert a thisopenspace booking button directly onto your site using Squarespace in less than 5 minutes! Note: It’s best to position the booking button in the vicinity of your contact information to generate maximum traffic :)

Step #1: Click the “EDIT” button on the block where you’d like to insert your booking button:


Step #2: Click the Insert Icon that appears on the left of the block:


Step #3: Select the CODE” button from the pop-up menu:


Step #4: Visit your thisopenspace listing page, add /button” to the URL, and hit Enter:


Step #5: Highlight and copy the code for the white OR blue booking button:


Step #6: Paste the code into the pop-up window on Squarespace and hit APPLY”:


Step #7: Admire your beautiful new button smiling face with open mouth 
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