'Book on thisopenspace' button to: Your Facebook page

Ever wish you could redirect people to book your space from Facebook? We’ve got you covered. This handy little tutorial will teach you how to insert a thisopenspace booking button directly onto your Facebook page in less than 5 minutes! Note: It’s best to position the booking button in the vicinity of your contact information to generate maximum traffic :)

Step #1: Go to your Facebook Business page and select "+Add a Button”


Step #2: Select Book Services” followed by Book Now”:


Step #3: Visit your thisopenspace listing page, add /button” to the URL, and hit Enter:


Step #4: Highlight and copy the URL from the code for the white OR blue booking button:


Step #5: Paste the URL on to the Facebook prompt and select Add Button”:


Step #6: Click Save Changes” and you’re done!


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