Making a Wish List

Save all of your favourite spaces in one place, for future bookings or to share with colleagues, by making a Wish List! You can make multiple Wish Lists – the options are endless.

There are two ways to make a Wish List, depending on where you are on the site
1) Search page: When you see a space you love, just click on the heart icon and save the space to one of your self-curated lists. You'll find the heart on the top right corner of the space thumbnails.
2) Space listing page: When you are viewing a space listing, you will see a button with  Save to Wish List on the right hand side, right above the host's nam. You will find the same heart icon with the option to add the space to your personal Wish List. 

To see your saved Wish Lists, head to the dropdown menu on the top right-hand corner of the screen and select  Wish Lists.

Want to share your curated list with friends or colleagues? Click into the list you want to share, and choose from the email, Facebook or Twitter icon. Let your wishes become a reality! 

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