How do I save a favorite space to a wish list?

To keep track of spaces that interest you, you can save them. We call a collection saved spaces Wish Lists.

To save a space to book:

  1. When you find space you like, click the heart icon ❤️  or Save to Wish List.
  2. If this is your first favorite and you want to use the default list, click First Name's Favorite, where first name is your first name.
  3. If this is your first favorite and you want to start a new list, click Create New List and type the name of your new list (ex. “Toronto Lofts” or “Spring Catalogue Shoot”), then click Create, and finally click on the list you just created and named.
  4. If you want to add to an existing list, click or tap the existing list’s name. You will see a green heart icon confirming you successfully saved the space and the wish list modal window will close.

Your wish lists are public by default, however, the only way for someone to view your wish list is if you share it with them. Wish lists are not searchable on thisopenspace or on the internet. 

You can share your wish list by sharing the link. Learn more about sharing and managing your wish list.

Note: You can review your wish lists anytime by clicking on your profile photo on the top right and selecting Wish LIsts from the dropdown menu.
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