What happens after I send a booking request?

Here are the potential outcomes when you send a booking request:

  1. Ready to Book: The request is waiting for the host's approval. Please wait for their response or prompt them by sending a second message.
  2. Paid: After clicking Request to Book, the host has 24-hours to respond. If the host approves your request, your credit card will be charged in full and your booking will be confirmed for those dates.
  3. Pending Payment: If a host edits the booking fee based on variables in your request (ie. extra tables and staffing), you will be notified of a new offer and prompted to confirm the booking. 
  4. Declined: If the host declines the request, your credit card will not be charged. 
  5. Expired/Closed: If the host does not respond within 24 hours, the offer will expire and close. If this happens, you send a new booking request, or contact us and we will reach out on your behalf.

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