How do I prepare for a booking?

You have your first booking confirmed and need to prepare the space before your guest's arrival. Here are some of the top things to consider before the booking:

  • Make sure the space is clean
  • Be on time to let the guest in or include access instructions for your guest
  • Provide your guest with rules of the space
  • Identify the primary and secondary emergency contact if something happens within the space
  • Ask guests for certificates 2-3 weeks ahead of time if alcohol is being served 

Creating a checklist can bring a seamless process to every booking! Our space in Vancouver, The Playground, has the following items on our checklist that have helped us welcome new guests:

  • Review rules of the spaces (noise levels, opening and closing hours, liquor licences, space amenities and layout, etc.)
  • WiFi code
  • Where to find the keys, door codes(s), and alarm codes
  • Clean up instructions
  • What's in the space (toilet paper and soap in bathrooms, heater instructions in the winter, fan use in the summer)
  • Contact details and emergency contact as a back-up

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