​​How do I list my space?

Becoming a host on thisopenspace opens your doors to thousands of artists, photographers, event planners and other individuals searching for short-term lease space everyday.
Making a listing is a fast and simple process. The fastest way is to click here to get to our host page. Once you click on List your space, it will take up to 15 minutes to list your space depending on the type of space.
  1. Basic Information: 
    • Address
    • Title of your listing
    • Square footage of the space
    • Amenities
  1. Pricing: 
    • Base rate for hourly, daily or monthly bookings
    • Minimum and maximum booking periods
  1. Description
    • Include a description of how you would like your space to be used
  1. Photos
    • Include at least 4 photos clearly showcasing the interior and exterior of the store. 
If you need more time, simply hit 'Save' and return to the incomplete listing in your dashboard under My Listings.

Once your listing is complete, you will see a confirmation screen indicating your listing is under review. Within 48 hours, our team will review your listing to make sure it meets our community standards of trust, safety and quality. You will always be in good company on thisopenspace and we review each listing to guarantee this.

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