How do taxes work for hosts?

Thisopenspace is required to collect GST/HST on its service fees from all guests and hosts for spaces booked in Canada. The sales tax is included in the service fee.

Find GST/HST paid to thisopenspace

An official copy of the invoice is sent to you in the payout confirmation email you receive once your payout has been sent. Click on the invoice number from your email to access the invoice.

To access a copy of the invoice at any time:

  1. Go to Transaction History and choose the booking
  2. Click View Invoice

Local tax

Some hosts may be required by their local regulations to charge a tax and some hosts may be exempt. It is the host's responsibility to determine if they are required to charge a tax. We recommend hosts include the tax in the price of the booking.

We ask that hosts explain any taxes they may be required to collect in their listing description and their communication with guests prior to booking. Guests are not required to pay any additional taxes once the booking payment is complete.

If you determine that you need to collect tax, it's important that guests are informed of the exact tax amount prior to booking.

We recommend hosts obtain independent legal advice from a certified tax professional to determine whether or not they should collect and remit applicable taxes.

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