What if my guest doesn't show up for their booking?

If your guest decides to cancel or not show up for an active booking, we’ll uphold the cancellation policy and any payout for a cancelled booking will be released to you. If you’ve hosted before, the payout will be released according to our regular payout schedule. If you’ve never hosted before and this is your first booking, we may hold the payout for 30 days after the booking was confirmed. Read more about payouts.

A booking is active if the booking status shows as Paid in your Bookings.

Communication before your guest is due to arrive

If you’re having trouble getting in touch with your guest before their arrival you may want to contact us and we can try reaching out to the guest on your behalf.

To contact your guest

  • Thisopenspace message: Find your guest in your Inbox and send them a note—message alerts are sent to their email address, and as text notifications, if they have SMS enabled.
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