What does each booking status mean for hosts?

If you want to see the status of a booking, you can find the status in your Inbox on the message thread with your guest.

Once you’ve found your status, you can check below to get more details.

Booking statuses


A host accepted a guest's booking request and thisopenspace has collected payment from the guest.

Find out how to check if a booking is confirmed.

Ready to Book

A guest sent a request to book and entered their payment details. A pre-authorization has been placed on the guest's credit card, but payment has not been collected by thisopenspace. The host has 24 hours to respond to the booking request. Once the host accepts the booking request, thisopenspace will collect payment from the guest and the booking will be confirmed.


A guest sent a message to a host about certain dates but hasn't submitted a booking request. In response, the host can reply with a message, send an offer, or decline the booking request.

Pending Payment

A host has sent a guest an offer and is waiting for the guest to accept the offer. 

Find out more about pending requests and how to send a guest an offer.


A host declined a guest's booking request. No charge is made to the guest.


A host took more than 24 hours to respond to a booking request or a guest didn’t accept within the 24 hour time period. If the guest is still interested in booking, they will need to submit a new request.


A guest is no longer looking for a space for the dates they requested. The guest has either withdrawn their booking request or booked another space for the same dates.


A host or guest cancelled a confirmed booking.

Find out how to cancel a booking or what happens if your guest cancels the booking.

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