What happens if my guest cancels?

Note: If you need to cancel your booking because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), please review our article on options for cancellation.

If your guest cancels their booking, we’ll notify you and automatically unblock the dates on your calendar so that you can host other guests.

Cancellation payouts

If you’ve hosted before, and you're owed a payout, it will be released to you according to the payout schedule. Find out more about payouts.

Guest refunds

Guests who cancel are automatically refunded according to the cancellation policy—unless the cancellation qualifies as an extenuating circumstance or falls under our Guest Refund Policy.

Cancellations after check-in

If your guest cancels after they’ve already checked in:

  • They’re required to leave your space as soon as they cancel
  • The terms of the cancellation policy will still apply
  • You must make any security deposit claims within 48 hours of the original check-out date, which you can check in your bookings.
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