What is covered by Host Insurance?

thisopenspace Host Insurance protects hosts and landlords as additional insureds. The industry leading coverage is custom built for short-term rentals and protects against third party liability claims up to $2,000,000. thisopenspace Host Insurance generally covers property damage, bodily injury, medical payments, personal & advertising injury, and legal defence of any of the above claims made against the host. 

thisopenspace Host Insurance supplements and expands on the coverage provided to hosts under their existing business or commercial liability insurance. This policy is not a replacement for insurance normally carried by a host and hosts should maintain their current business insurance policy.

Also, the Insurance companies have no problem allowing various third party entities (guests) to be added to CGL policies, but only with respect to the operations of the Insured. The operations of the Insured is the key statement.  Very commonly you have landlords, customers, governments, Lenders/Banks, accountants,  or a variety of third parties that may wish to be protected and make the request to be added, because of their business activities with the Insured.

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