Why am I being asked to add account details?

In some cases, we’ll ask you to provide additional account details and information. This is something that’s required to keep your payouts coming.

We partner with Stripe, a licensed payments business, for identity verification and payment processing. Stripe is required to ask for this information in order to comply with financial services regulations.

For individuals

If you’re an individual who hosts on thisopenspace (meaning you’re not a business or part of a company), we’ll ask for the following info:

  • Your legal name: This is what appears on a government ID or official document. It could be different than your thisopenspace profile name. What you enter as your legal name won’t change your profile name.
  • Your date of birth: You may have entered this elsewhere but we need to confirm it.
  • Your home address: This is the physical address where you actually live, which could be different than a thisopenspace listing address.

You may also be asked to provide a government ID.

For businesses

If you host on thisopenspace as a business or as a part of a company, you’ll be asked for other information related to the business.

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