How do I make a security deposit claim?

A Host can start the security deposit claim process by clicking into their account inbox, selecting the booking they need to make the claim for, and clicking on the Claim Security Deposit button:

This action will place a hold on the security deposit and prevent any refunds until the claim is reviewed by our support team.
Next, send a message to the guest on thisopenspace with an explanation for why the security deposit is being held, in an effort to reach an agreeable solution directly. When a decision is mutually agreed upon by both the host and guest, share the agreement with us and we will confirm with both parties before processing the security deposit claim.
If you are unable to come to an agreement on a resolution for damages with the other party, you can escalate the claim to our Support team by providing the description of the issue, including: photos, a video, a walkthrough report or similar, of the damages.
You must also include proof of value for damaged items (i.e. purchase receipt), receipt for items used to repair, or an estimate from a licensed contractor for repairs. Upon receiving your email, our Support team will:
  • Inform both host and guest by email that a claim has been filed.
  • Request any additional information to be submitted to thisopenspace over the next 48 hours.
  • After 48 hours, the Support team will inform the host and guest of a fair resolution within the next 7 business days, and process any associated payments.
Our Support Team reviews each claim to determine a fair resolution for both parties. All decisions made by thisopenspace are final.

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