Why do I need to provide business account verification?

We are required to collect and verify certain types of host information in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Most hosts who have earned more than the equivalent of $10,000 CAD in payouts in the last 365 days are required to go through business account verification. 

If you are required to go through business account verification, your payouts will be paused until your verification is complete.

To do this:

  1. Go to your Payout Information
  2. Click Verify your identity with Stripe and complete the required fields

If your individual or business information can’t be automatically verified, our team will review it and may follow up with additional requests for information.

On thisopenspace, you can choose to host as an individual person, or as a representative of a business. If you're hosting as an individual, we will ask you to provide a legal name for the account. If the legal name provided doesn't match what we have on file, we may contact you and ask you to complete additional verification steps. This may include providing a government ID, a photograph, and your address.

We partner with Stripe for identity verification and payment processing. Rest assured, we value your privacy and safety. If we ask for any personal information, we'll take proper measures to keep it safe and secure.

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