Where do I find my payout information?

You can check the status of your payouts and display detailed information on your earnings at any time from your Transaction History.

Display details of your payouts by clicking View invoice.

Completed payouts

To review payouts that have been released by thisopenspace, check out the  Past Bookings tab under My Bookings, where each row represents each payout that has been sent to you. Click Message History, then View Invoice which will show transaction details such as booking and cleaning fee, and thisopenspace host service fees, and your payout.

After we release your payout, the arrival time frame is between 3-7 business days. The estimated arrival time of your payout is shown under My Bookings which will show the date we’ve estimated, based on standard processing times.

Upcoming payouts

To review your upcoming payouts check My Bookings for both upcoming bookings and past bookings. You’ll see payout rows, which show future release dates.

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