How do I calculate my payout?

The payout you receive for a guest’s event is your booking fee plus your optional extra charges like a cleaning fee, minus the host service fee. This fee is calculated by multiplying the total booking amount by a percentage and is automatically deducted from your payout.

To view information about any of your payouts, visit your bookings.

If your payout doesn’t seem to match your set price

Your listing price is always up to you. Here are some things that can impact your payout:

  • Custom offer: You may have sent an offer with custom pricing that has been applied to the booking
  • Length-of-booking discounts: Your weekly or monthly price may have been applied to the booking
  • Host cancellation: If you canceled a previous booking, the cancellation penalty is deducted from upcoming payouts
Note: Guests pay a service fee to thisopenspace in addition to the cost of your listing, which is why the total price guests see is higher than your payout.
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