What is an offer?

An offer allows you to set a custom price for a guest who sends you a booking inquiry. Only send an offer if you are ready to confirm a booking.

Once you’ve sent a guest an offer, we’ll notify them. If the guest accepts the offer, the booking will be automatically confirmed.

There are a few things to know about offers:

  • They do not expire.
  • You can offer multiple guests the same offer. An offer doesn’t block dates on your calendar until it's accepted by a guest.
  • If you don't see the option to send an offer, check that the dates on your calendar aren't blocked.
  • If you already have a security deposit on your listing, it will be added to your offer as normal and you don't need to update it in your offer total.
  • When you send an offer, enter the total price you’d like to offer your guest, and make sure to include all days of the booking. Be sure to include cleaning fees or any other fees you've agreed upon.
  • Offers do not include any taxes you may need to collect. Be sure to include any taxes you may need to collect in the booking fee.

Confirmed bookings

If a guest has already confirmed a booking, you won't have the option to send them an offer. To change the details on an existing booking, email us.

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