How do I send a guest an offer?

If a potential guest sends you a message before they book, you can send them a custom offer within the message thread.

You can also send a customer offer in response to a booking request by clicking Edit from the message thread.

How it works

To send an offer:

  1. Go to your Inbox
  2. Open the message from the guest
  3. Click Create Offer
  4. Next to Booking, enter the price you’d like to offer
    • The price should include the total booking
    • Be sure to add or update the cleaning fee
    • Add or the security deposit as needed
    • Don't include the service fee, it will be added automatically
    • If you are required to collect taxes, make sure to incorporate it into the price you are offering. Find out more about taxes.
  5. If you’ve discussed offering the guest different dates or check-in and check-out times, you’ll need to include these in your offer as well. Click Start Date and End Date and Check In and Check Out to add or update the dates and times.
  6. Click Send Offer

If you've discussed offering the guest a different listing, you'll need to decline this offer and ask the guest to send a new message for the listing they would like to book.

How guests respond

Once you’ve sent the offer, we'll notify the guest. They’ll receive the details, including the new price with separate line items for the taxes and service fee.

An offer to a guest does not expire. If they do accept, the booking will automatically be confirmed.

Find out how to remove an offer and decline the request.

How offers work with your calendar

An offer doesn't block dates on your calendar unless it’s accepted by the guest.

You can send multiple guests an offer for the same dates (even for the same listing). We recommend being transparent with your potential guests that others may be interested in the same dates.

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