How do I confirm my listing’s address?

If you’re listing your place for the first time you may be required to confirm your listing’s address.

Providing a proof-of-address document

You can take a photo of a proof-of-address document or provide one you have on file. Once your document is ready, email us.

A qualifying document:

  • Officially connects you to the listing address. The most popular choice is a utility bill. Other acceptable documents include a mortgage statement, lease agreement, or property tax document.
  • Your name on the document must match your name on thisopenspace and your name on the bank account you have added for payouts on our platform.
  • Clearly and legibly displays the full and correct listing address, and hasn’t been altered in any way. We only need you to send 1 page, but it must be the full page—sending a partial page prevents a review of the information.
  • Is less than 2 years old.

Your file must be a .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .pdf file format, and in a file that’s less than 5MB.

After you send a proof-of-address document

Once you send your document, we’ll review it for accuracy and let you know whether we’re able to confirm the address. Our team can usually complete this in 2-3 days. If we’re not able to confirm your address, your listing will not be approved.

Why we confirm addresses

At thisopenspace, safety is our priority. To protect our community from confusing check-in experiences, and other issues that could arise from an incorrect or incomplete address, we want to confirm the precise addresses of thisopenspace listings.

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