What do the different types of spaces mean?

Thisopenspace listings are categorized into the following categories, depending on the activity being planned by a guest:

  • Production: Guests who need a place for a photo or film shoot.
  • Event: Guests gather for professionals or personal events and bring people together. Examples include meetups, classes, workshops.
  • Meeting: Guests get together to collaborate and get work done in meeting spaces suited for a quick meeting, a few hours or days of work, or a team offsite.
  • Pop-Up: Guests showcase or sell products in streel level spaces ideal for short-term flexible retail.

As a host, you're responsible for accurately describing your listing, by both selecting the appropriate category and providing further details of the space in the description. Pick the choice that best describes your place so guests know what to expect. If your pricing varies based on the activity being planned in the space, make sure to create separate listings for each activity and include the activities permitted in the listing description.

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