How do I use search filters?

If you want to narrow down your choices when looking for a space, you can use search filters.

Start with the city

For the most accurate results, always begin your search by choosing your city.

After you have the results of your basic search, you can choose to add additional filters.

Additional filters

Click or tap on popular filters like What are you planning? or Price from the search results page, or select More Filters to access all of your search filter options.

We're always trying to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for, and filters will continue to change over time. Here's a list of some of the options that may be available for your search:

  • What are you planning?: Choose from options like a production, event, meeting, or pop-up.
  • Price: Click the dropdown to view prices by the hour, day, week, or month. Use the sliding scale to find spaces in your price range.
  • Start Date → End Date: Show spaces that may be available for the dates you need.
  • Size: Choose the size of the space by the square foot. The general rule of thumb is 6 square feet per person. To respect physical distancing during COVID-19, we recommend 36 square feet per person.
  • Amenities: Select the amenities you want, wifi, tables and chairs, speakers, bathrooms, and accessibility.
  • Rules: Select if you are looking for a space that allows alcohol or catering.
  • Shared Space: Find spaces that are shared with others.
  • Keywords: Add keywords that describe the type of space you are looking for. For example, enter the keywords plants, studio, light to filter for a space with those words in the about.
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