How do star ratings work?

In addition to written reviews, guests can submit a set of category star ratings for their booking.

Guests can give ratings on:

  • Accuracy. How accurately did the listing page represent the space? For example, guests should be able to find up-to-date info and photos in the listing description.
  • Communication. How well did you communicate before and during the booking? Guests often care that their host responds quickly, reliably, and frequently to their messages and questions.
  • Quality of Space. Did the guest feel that the listing met their expectations?
  • Amenities. How did the guest feel about the amenities that were available during the booking? Guests often care that all the amenities listed are available, working, and in good condition.
  • Cleanliness. Did the guest feel that the space was clean and tidy?

Where to find star ratings

A host needs to receive star ratings from at least 1 guest before the rating will display on their listing. At the top of a listing page, the number of stars displayed is an aggregate of the scores guests have given for that listing. At the bottom of a listing page, there's an aggregate for each category rating.

An aggregate of star ratings also appears on public profiles of guests and hosts. To view a host's aggregate star ratings click on the host's profile photo from the listing page. To find yours, go to your profile and click View my profile. 

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