How do I redeem thisopenspace credit?

Credits are yours to use until the balance runs out or until June 30, 2021, whichever comes first. Your credits can be used to book any space on thisopenspace.

To use your credits, contact us at when you are ready to pay and our team can apply your credit to the new booking. You must contact us before completing payment on thisopenspace to successfully apply the credit.

If after applying your credit you still have a remaining balance due on the booking, your offer will be updated and you can select a payment card on file or add a new card to process the remainder of the payment. If you have a credit balance remaining, the amount will be deducted and your updated balance will be provided to you by our team over email.

In case a booking paid by credits is canceled, any refunds will be returned back to your account as a credit and will not be refunded for cash. Any refunded credits will expire on the original expiry date.

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