Flexible COVID-19 Cancellations

We are committed to serving our community during these uncertain times. As a platform enabling people to come together, we understand how hard our community has been affected by the pandemic. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our community.

In response to the pandemic, we created a Flexible COVID-19 Cancellation policy summarized here:


Hosts and Guests can rebook at any time without penalty. The new booking date needs to be mutually agreed to by both parties. Once a date has been confirmed, please reach out to us at support@thisopenspace.com and we will update the booking dates.

Bookings made for events scheduled to start before July 1, 2020

  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of payment will receive a full refund, less a 5% Service Fee.
  • Cancellations made after 48 hours of payment will receive a full credit. The credit is valid through June 30, 2021. Find out more about redeeming thisopenspace credit here.
  • Cancellations made on or after the event start date are not eligible for a refund or credit.

Bookings made for events scheduled to start on or after July 1, 2020

Bookings that are confirmed, updated, or rescheduled following July 1, 2020, are not covered by the Flexible COVID-19 Cancellation Policy because the associated risks and impacts to such Bookings are not unforeseen as of such date. Host and Guest cancellations in these scenarios will be refunded according to our Cancellation Policy posted on listings and in confirmed bookings.

All cancellations are final once they are processed. Credits issued and accepted by Guests cannot be refunded at a later date. 

In case we didn't answer your question here, you can always contact us by email support@thisopenspace.com

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