How do taxes work for hosts?

The hourly, daily and monthly prices you list for your space are always tax inclusive. Guests do not pay any additional tax on price you list when they pay for the booking. Depending on what province or state you're in as a host, you may need to collect taxes for each booking. You can either:

1. Incorporate a tax percentage into your pricing (ie. Instead of charging $400/day, charge $450).  

2. Add a taxed amount to the booking price before sending an offer to a guest (**Not recommended). It's important that you inform guests if you're adding tax onto the final offer when you're sending it over (you can send a message about the tax with the offer).

**Our site is very transparent, and not including these costs upfront could deter some guests

You can always view how much you've been paid out by us, either per booking or within a calendar year, by going to 'Your Bookings' on you host Dashboard.


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