Top 10 Hosting Tips

1. Accuracy

Create a detailed and complete listing page and keep it up to date. Let your potential guests know what type of events you would love to see in the space, and which events are not the right fit by listing this in your About. You will be more likely to receive requests from guests who are the right fit for your space.


2. Communication

Respond to a guest's initial enquiry within 24 hours, and on the same business day for follow up conversations. Hosts with faster response times are most likely to rent their space. If you like, you can share your phone number with a guest.


3. Pricing

Search for listings similar to yours to determine the market rate and competitively price your space. For new listings, you may want to price your space lower than market rate to attract guests. As your spaces gets more popular, you can update your pricing. Avoid misquoting your potential guests. Consider providing discounted community rates to organizations that align with your values.


4. Availability

Keep a calendar of events in your space and avoid double booking. If your space is available for a limited time only, make a note of it under the About section of your listing. We're working hard on implementing an availability calendar to help you with this.


5. Commitment

Avoid cancellations. Your guest has put considerable time and money preparing for the event and a cancellation will likely have significantly negative impact. If you must cancel for reasons beyond your control, let your guest know immediately and contact


6. Cleanliness

Keep a clean space. Make sure your space is clean and ready to go before your guest arrives. If you require them to clean up before they leave, provide them with the cleaning supplies they need to get the job done. You may want to consider hiring a cleaning service to get the job done, like Handy.


7. Amenities

Provide the amenities your guest needs to succeed. This can include an extra set of keys to the space, an alarm code, and the WiFI password. Pro tip: create a copy of passwords and codes to share with your guest on arrival and for your safety, don't forget to change these between rentals.


8. Safety

Your guest's safety is very important. When conducting a site visit with a guest, make sure to point out all exits, fire extinguishers, and emergency procedures. If your space and neighbourhood has any special considerations that your guest should be aware of, make sure you communicate this to them.


9. Support 

Provide support for your guest during their rental. Make yourself available by providing your contact information to your guest including your phone number and an emergency contact, just in case.


10. Follow-up & Feedback

Send a follow-up email to your guest thanking them for their rental and providing feedback on how they can improve. We love feedback too, so let us hear it. Look out for a short survey from thisopenspace following your guest's rental.

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