How can I make my listing photos look their best?

thisopenspace now offers complimentary photography services in select cities. Sign-up here!


For doing it yourself, we've put together our Top 5 Interior Photography Tips over on our blog.

Here are a few other tips to go along with that:

  • Organize and put away objects that clutter your space
  • Open any window coverings to allow natural light
  • Clean all windows, mirrors, tables, countertops, and floors
  • Highlight amenities that your guests will enjoy
  • Remove any items which are not included with the space

To keep the photos focused on the space, we ask that there's no people in any of the shots, or any type of logos or branding. You will need to include a minimum of four photos per listing. There is no maximum to the number of photos you can upload, the more the merrier! Recommended requirements are 1024 x 683px (3:2) and higher resolution photos are encouraged.



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